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Sumac Custom Non-profit Software

Is your non-profit organization unique? Do you run programs and collect data that is outside of the norm? If so, Sumac can help! There’s no need to invest heavy time and money into a custom solution. We will build a Custom Add-on for you that holds your unique data, and integrates seamlessly with the Basic CRM and all other pieces of Sumac. If you’re getting Sumac Gold or Platinum, we’ll custom this Add-on for you free of charge.

Here are just a few examples of Custom Add-ons we have created for people:

  1. Track a music library for an orchestra
  2. Track who receives food for a food bank
  3. Track interventions for a family counselling organization
  4. Track clinical records for a hospice
  5. Track bookings for facilities

Read our case studies here.

You can do this all with the Basic CRM and the Custom Add-on.


Thanks to Sumac, we now have an easy to navigate, custom database that’s tailored to OUR needs.
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