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We upgraded to Sumac from eTapestry, and we are amazed at how fast and efficient it is…

Executive Director, Skyworks Charitable Foundation

How Online Donation Pages Work

Online Donation pages

Prior to Sumac, Trillium Gift of Life Network was manually issuing donation receipts. Thank you and acknowledgement letters were also manually done after donation receipt. This process was time consuming and record keeping was a challenge. Now, using Sumac, issuing receipts, printing thank you and acknowledgement letters and recordkeeping is both faster and more streamlined.

Finance Manager, Trillium Gift of Life Network

Highlights of Sumac Fundraising Software

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Share and Update Donor Data Wherever You Are

Sumac has a cloud service that allows you to share and update donor data from anywhere there is an Internet connection. No more need to email lists back and forth. Staff and volunteers can access the same database at the same time from anywhere, so everyone always has the most up-to-date data.


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Customizable Donor Profiles

Unlike other systems that have standard fields that you cannot alter, Sumac gives you complete flexibility to track the donor data you need for your organization. In a few minutes, change the names of fields and checkboxes, add your own, or customize drop down menus to include the data you need for your organization. No IT staff required!


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Donor History at a Glance

With Sumac, you can see each donor’s complete history with your organization at a glance, so when donors call, you don’t need to look in 10 different places just to figure out whether you’ve talked to them before. You can quickly see their complete involvement with your organization in one click.


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Get Alerted to Donor Activity

Sumac notifiers help you identify donor activity and follow-up appropriately without spending any time! You can, for instance, tell Sumac to notify you based on certain reached thresholds or changes in the data. Or you can set up a notification that alerts the development director when a donor makes a gift over $500, or when certain types of donors change.


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Cultivate Donors

Sumac Reminders help you track next steps for each donor. Schedule a reminder for yourself or someone else in your organization to phone a donor, meet in person, or send communication. You can build custom action plans for different types of donors and different gift amounts to support moves management, help you develop better donor relations, and cultivate giving.

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Adding and Tracking Donations

Sumac enables you to record extensive details about donations, including whether a donation is related to an event or campaign, and connect it to several contacts (donor, in honour, in memoriam, soft credit, notification, and influencers).

Sumac supports all types of gifts including: in-kind, recurring, pledges, bulk donation import, and matching gifts. You can easily search important fields to find any donation.


Sumac Non-profit CRM

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Manage Monthly Donations with Ease

With Sumac you can allow people to sign up for your monthly giving program on your website, process monthly giving payments in bulk, flag credit cards that are about to expire, and report on monthly giving success. Lean more about how Sumac handles monthly giving (including a funny video from nonprofit experts) here.


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Collect Donations Online

We’ll help you create a payment page with the same look and feel as your website, so you can collect donations online. When a donation is made, an email thank you note is automatically sent to the donor, e-commerce payments are made directly to your bank account, and all the information entered online goes directly into your Sumac database. Requires website integration.

Sumac integrates with several payment processors and is a PA-DSS certified payment application. More on how payment processing works here.


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Keep the Government Happy

Sumac supports the requirements of various governments for tracking donations. Summarizing annual givings (as required in the U.S.A.), assigning unique numbers (like in Canada), and more complicated reports required by some governments (e.g. Gift Aid in the U.K.).

Because Sumac can send email, you can save money by distributing receipt documents via email. To satisfy tax authorities, electronic receipts are unchangeable.


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Keep Your Bookkeeper Happy

Sumac can convert donation details into ledger entries and G/L-style reports, instantly generating everything your auditor and bookkeeper need.

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Target Campaigns

Need to target your campaign to different audiences based on past giving, demographics, their connection to your organization, or their expressed interest in a particular fund?

Most databases make you run technically complex queries to produce the lists of targeted donors.

But Sumac’s revolutionary Search Builder allows you to visually build a picture of what you want to find, so anyone can quickly and easily perform complex searches to find any group of contacts based on any search criteria.


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Organize Campaigns Better

Organize your campaigns into the appropriate exclusions, solicitations, and packages that need to be sent.


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Simple Mail Merge

With Sumac, you can create your own letter templates with custom formats, fonts and logos, personalized text and mail-merged data like name, address and donation information. Sumac can even generate conditional text, for example, to include a special greeting to donors who attended a recent event, or to solicit 15 percent more from each donor.

Sumac’s Proposals Add-on goes even further, gathering all the detailed information required in special gift situations like inter vivos trusts, real estate and securities gifts for sophisticated illustration documents.


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Built-in Email Marketing

Need to send solicitations, receipts, or thank you letters through email? Sumac comes with built-in broadcast email so you can send thousands of personalized emails in just a few clicks without using a separate application. If you already use external email services, like Constant Contact, Sumac integrates seamlessly.

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Grant Management

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Simple Grant Management

The ability to secure grants is one of the most important tasks of any successful non-profit. Hundreds of thousands of non-profits worldwide compete for the same funds, so robust grant management software is important to increasing your chances.

Sumac Grant Management helps to build a structured, step-by-step approach to winning funds while tracking the effectiveness of staff activity. Gather the requirements of each funding program, then track your grant applications, and manage upcoming proposal deadlines.

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Prospecting Made Easy

Sumac Prospecting rapidly calculates a percentile ranking for each contact in your database based on criteria that you specify to help you identify potential large donors for a capital campaign, good candidates for board members, or volunteers.

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Robust Built-in Reports

Sumac comes with hundreds of built-in reports. So if you need to see a picture of your donors, donations, LYBUNT or SYBUNT, campaign success, you have all the tools at your fingertips.

In addition, Sumac supports ad hoc reporting so you can quickly and easily create custom, one-off reports, or export data to other programs.

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You can do this all with the Basic CRM and the following Add-ons: Pledges, Grant Management, Proposals and Prospecting.


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