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With Sumac, managing memberships is a breeze! Allow member functions on your website, and automate:

Featured in Nten Ideaware Capterra Cnet

There aren’t enough positive things I can say about Sumac… communications, donations, memberships, and contacts are all far better organized than they ever were with Raiser’s Edge.

– Administrator, PEN Canada

Sumac Ranks #1

In Capterra’s Review of Top Rated Membership Software, Sumac ranks #1 for both Ease of Use and Customer Service.

Membership Management Software

Sumac has been invaluable in helping us accurately track our members and friends! Using the easy reports created by Sumac, we saw a new picture of our donors!

– Diversity Coordinator, Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC)


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Access your Sumac CRM from Anywhere

Enable your staff to securely access critical data from anywhere there is an internet connection. No more need to email lists back and forth. Staff and volunteers can access the same database at the same time from anywhere, so everyone always has the most up-to-date data.

All Sumac CRM databases are hosted on AWS, a world class cloud infrastructure.

Membership Management Database Software

Tailor Your Membership Database For Your Needs

Sumac allows you to define multiple membership types, rates and associated benefits for your organization. Also, unlike other systems that have standard fields that you cannot alter, Sumac gives you complete flexibility to define what membership information is important to your organization. In a few minutes, change the names of fields, add your own, or customize drop down menus to include the data you need for your organization. No IT staff required!
Generate Personalized Membership Management Software

Generate Personalized Member Communication

With Sumac, you can produce customized membership packages, renewal invoices, and reminders with ease.

Create your own letter templates with custom formats, fonts and logos, personalized text and mail-merged data like name, address and membership information. Sumac can even merge in conditional text, for example, to include a special greeting to members who made a donation.

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Built-in Email Marketing

Need to send personalized newsletters, or membership letters through email? Sumac comes with built-in broadcast email so you can send thousands of personalized emails in just a few clicks without using a separate application. If you already use external email services, like Constant Contact, Sumac integrates seamlessly.
Membership Management Automate Applications

Automate Applications, Payments and Renewals

With Sumac, you can process and acknowledge new memberships and renewals with automated ease, allowing for rapid administration of member benefits.
Add Member Membership Management

Add Membership Functions to Your Website

With Sumac, members can update their contact information, sign-up or renew their membership right from your website. When someone signs up, an email confirmation and receipt is automatically sent to their inbox, their payments (including a donation if they decide to make one) go straight to your bank account, and all the information entered online goes directly into your database. Requires Website Integration.

Membership Management Generate Member Reports

Generate Member Reports

Sumac has hundreds of built-in reports to help you track and report on membership benefits and status, including renewals, lapsed memberships and potential upgrades.

In addition, Sumac supports ad hoc reporting so you can quickly and easily create custom, one-off reports, or export data to other programs.

Membership Management Integrate with Everything

Integrate With Everything

Sumac Membership Management integrates directly with the basic CRM and all other pieces of Sumac. Since there is often a lot of overlap – members also make donations, attend events and are associated with your organization in other ways – having everything connected means you can see the full scope of their involvement with your organization.

You can do this all with the Basic CRM and the Memberships Add-on.

As a membership association, we need to track multiple programs and memberships effectively. Sumac does this rapidly, even integrating into donations and communications for greater efficiency.

– Director of Operations,

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Featured in Nten Ideaware Capterra Cnet
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