If you have a lot of data to move into Sumac, or you’re wondering how to begin implementing Sumac at your organization, don’t worry – we can help! With our Implementation Services, we will take you from the point of sale, up to the point where you are able to use Sumac in your day-to-day. Whether you need help migrating your historical data, customizing Sumac for your needs, or training and onboarding, our Implementation team is here to help you each step of the way.

Contact us to learn which level of our Implementation Services is right for you!

Data Migration

If you have historical data you’d like us to import into Sumac, our team can assist in doing this for you. When you send us your data, our Implementation Specialists will work with you to review your needs and map out how your data will be represented in Sumac.

Our team is experienced in migrating data from:


Each level of our Implementation Services includes some customization. Though Sumac’s basic implementation comes ready to use out-of-the-box, you may want to tailor your database more for your needs. As we help you move your data from one system to another, we’ll change data entry fields (drop-down menus, tabs, checkboxes, etc.) so these fields work best for you.

And if you’ve purchased the Custom Add-on, our Implementation Specialists will use the data you’ve sent to build this Add-on for you. Maybe you’re an orchestra who needs to track a music library, or an organization looking to track rentals for meeting and event space, or perhaps you need to do something totally unique – whatever it is, our Implementation Specialists can find the best way to accomplish this with a Custom Add-on.

Training and Onboarding

Each level of our Implementation Services includes training and access to your Implementation Specialist for onboarding and support.

Once we have your database set up and ready to go, we train you in the basics and guide you through any additional advice you might need to be fully functional with the software.

I was very impressed with Sumac’s turn-around time on our data conversion. Within a week we had a decade’s worth of spreadsheets at our fingertips…
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