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After doing extensive research on several software solutions, we chose to go with Sumac because it allowed us to keep track of our clients, donors and volunteers all in the same database. Also, we are able to collect the statistics that we need to report back to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and our Local Health Integration Network.

– Hospice Peterborough


Organizations with volunteers keep track of a lot of data including qualifications, tasks, activity, and hours spent. Sumac can help! Sumac streamlines the entire process of managing volunteers, from recruitment and analysis to performing necessary tasks and thanking those who donate effort, making sure volunteers never feel unappreciated or ineffective.


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Access your Sumac CRM from Anywhere

Enable your staff to securely access critical data from anywhere there is an internet connection. No more need to email lists back and forth. Staff and volunteers can access the same database at the same time from anywhere, so everyone always has the most up-to-date data.

All Sumac CRM databases are hosted on AWS, a world class cloud infrastructure.

Volunteer Management Customizable Volunteer

Customizable Volunteer Profiles

Unlike other systems that have standard fields that you cannot alter, Sumac gives you complete flexibility to define what volunteer information is important to your organization. For example, maybe you want to capture specific information about special skills, the type of work in which the volunteer is interested, and availability. You can also customize Sumac to track operational information related to volunteers. For example, information about travel or meal expenses can be gathered and reimbursed.
Volunteer Management Simple Scheduling

Simple Scheduling

The heart of volunteer management is connecting volunteers with the right task at the right time. With Sumac, you can specify the qualifications required to perform each task, and at a glance find the most appropriate person to complete the task based on interest, skills and availability. You can then quickly schedule them, and keep everything organized with Sumac’s built-in calendar.

Volunteer Management Keeping in Touch

Keeping In Touch

Need to stay in touch with volunteers? With Sumac, you can produce your own letter templates with custom formats, fonts and logos, personalized text and mail-merged data like name, address and salutation. Sumac can even insert conditional text, for example, to include a special greeting to volunteers who donated a certain amount of time in the last month.
Nonprofit CRM Built in Email

Built-in Email Marketing

Need to send personalized newsletters, or thank-you letters through email? Sumac comes with built-in broadcast email so you can send thousands of personalized emails in just a few clicks without using a separate application. If you already use and external email service, like Constant Contact, Sumac integrates seamlessly.
Volunteer Management Track time spent

Track time spent on activities

Tracking the work spent by volunteers is valuable for two reasons: you can give them the recognition they deserve, and you can report the man-hours to funding bodies. Sumac supports time tracking and reporting to help you manage all these processes.
Volunteer Management Integrate with Everything

Integrate With Everything

Sumac Volunteer Management integrates directly with the basic CRM and all other pieces of Sumac. Since there is often a lot of overlap – volunteers also make donations, attend events and are associated with your organization in other ways – having everything connected means you can see the full scope of their involvement with your organization.
Volunteer Management Reporting

Reporting Made Easy

Whether you have a quarterly budget meeting, weekly debriefings or major end-of-year reviews, you need software that can report on how many volunteers you have and what they’re doing. Sumac comes with hundreds of built-in reports, so reporting on your volunteers is easy. In addition, Sumac supports ad hoc reporting so you can quickly and easily create custom, one-off reports, or export data to other programs.

You can do this all with the Basic CRM and the following Add-ons: Volunteers, and Reminders.

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Featured in Nten Ideaware Capterra Cnet
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